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The Perpich Center for Arts Education
is a MN State agency which was established by the State Legislature in 1989 to provide "innovative education centered in the arts." The Arts High School , the Professional Development and Research Group , and the Library comprise the three components of the Perpich Center.

Located in Golden Valley, MN, a first-ring suburb of Minneapolis. t
he Arts High School has an enrollment of 300-325 students in two grades, 11th and 12th and is both a commuter and residential school. Our students come from every congressional district in the State. Out-State students reside in our 24 hour, fully staffed dormitory. Our full-time faculty comprise about 30 academic and arts teachers with adjunct teachers in all the areas. Our Professional Development staff work with teachers, artists, and teaching artists from across the State developing and implementing programs that infuse art into the public school systems in MN. Our unique Library houses books, DVD's, films, videos, CD-ROM's, and printed material for students as well as the needs of the professional teaching community of MN.

The Arts High School students audition for spots in six different art areas including Visual Art, Literary Arts, Media Arts, Dance, Theater, and Music. Students demonstrate a high level of commitment to the study of their chosen art form as well as a high level of academic excellence. They represent the full range of economic, geographic, educational, and cultural demographics of our State. They are privileged, marginalized, average, extraordinary, challenging, creative, and really interesting.


the Perpich Center for Arts Education,
**are a school and State Agency that fosters innovation in curriculum development. It is our responsibility as teachers and program developers at PCAE to create and implement curricula that is standards based, cutting-edge, collaborative, cross-disciplinary, and employs the most current pedagogical theory.
In the past, we have created curricula that:
  • combines a mythology/literature course with the theories of dance anthropologist Dr. John Wilson using the “16 Hieratic Gestures”,
  • geometry and dance,
  • math, tessellations, and quilt making,
  • dance and sign language,
  • music/video/poetry collaborations,
  • poetry and dance,
  • physics (waveform theory) and aesthetics (sensory aesthetics),
  • social studies and the arts of the ’60’s (Collision Course),
  • Counterpoint theory with music, dance, theater, and writing,

and many, many more. Our school is ripe with possibilities for curricular innovation and the pedagogical theories and practices of the indigenous people.

The Perpich Center for Arts Education, an agency of the State of Minnesota, is committed to bringing the beauty and vigor of the Native American culture, arts, and education to its community. As learners, teachers, and advocates for mutual understanding within our differences as a people, we know how the richness and resiliency of the Native people can teach us much about our aesthetic and cultural heritage.

We are honored to be benefactors of the knowledge and artistry of our First Nation brothers and sisters. It is our hope that we can share with others the gifts we have received from them.


George Earth, Sr.
Ojibwe Cultural Advisor and Consultant
Perpich Center for Arts Education
George Earth Home Page

George Earth, Sr. - As a hereditary Chief of the White Earth Band of Ojibwe, George Earth is a frequent and respected Traditional Men's Dancer at powwows across Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, and Canada. He has served as a cultural adviser for tribal councils, MN judicial and criminal justice panels, issues pertaining to Native health and addiction, and Native American race relations. He is the former director of the Jules Fairbank Treatment Center in St. Paul.